About IQK


From the Latin, meaning ‘limitless; without bounds’


Quantum is ‘multidimensional’; EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE


The process of communicating with the body’s higher intelligence, through the art of muscle testing.

Infinitus QK Psychic Balance (IQK) is a unique holistic energy therapy bespoke for each individual. Our IQK Balance can be a life changing event. A worthy investment of your time and resources. Non-invasive, completed in two sessions, approximately four plus weeks apart, communicating with the DSR’s

(Dear Soul Receiving, an empowering name for a client) Higher Innate Intelligence, seeking the root underlying cause for their bodily imbalance, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.


Emotional and physical dis-ease often created by stresses (see FAQs) accumulated over years, is released by the DSR throughout the balance and afterwards. Working with the body energetically, the subtle bodies, DNA, ALL dimensions and much more. Post balance DSR’s often report feeling lighter, more peaceful, calm and self-confident about themselves. Empowered to flow forward with their lives with greater understanding and purpose, often more physically, emotionally and mentally strengthened, able to deal with whatever life brings them. Creating and resulting in a healthier, happier more fulfilling life, a life worthy of them.


Where IQK differs from other therapies:Two therapists, One DSR. We rarely undertake more than

one DSR in a day, ensuring you get our fullest time and attention - Our vocation, you could say. 

Jenny, Sandra and our Team of 7, invite those of you seeking a totally unique, rewarding therapeutic experience to anything you may have participated in before. Our Intention for you is to receive a wholly relaxing, positive, spiritual (non-religious) experience to help guide and support you, awakening the magnificent soul you are.


If you feel drawn intuitively to these words, then Infinitus QK Psychic Balance

may well be the support you are seeking.

We look forward to welcoming you in person…Blessings JenSan7


Hi, my name is Jenny, For as long as I can remember I have seen past the physical that is, seen with more than my physical eyes. An ability to see auras, energy, light around people, animals and even inanimate objects. Everything is energy and vibrates at some level...

I shared this gift with my Father, who always encouraged me, himself open to spiritual matters and indeed gifted in this way. It was not until I was an adult that I realised that not everyone saw what I saw. I thought we all saw energy in this way!

I am an Intuitive and Trance Medium. For twenty years plus, I have utilised my abilities to assist others into awakening themselves to their true potentials through clairvoyance, mediumship readings, psychic development courses and groups. Personally walking a path of discovery by participating in various courses and techniques but ultimately always coming back to the realisation of the strength and conviction of one’s own innate ability.

Leading up to the 2012 shift, I began to feel unfulfilled within myself and my work. Gradually over a period of two years I moved away from everything that was familiar to me, with the realisation that things had shifted and nothing I was doing felt right anymore. It was a massive decision for me at that time but something I felt compelled to do.

Of course, now I can fully appreciate that I was making way for the New Energy changes and my next chapter.

Hello, my name is Sandra, I started my spiritual journey many moons ago. Along the way, seeking answers to health issues, I was introduced to the amazing power of the body’s innate intelligence, the ability to self-heal through an excellent homeopath who opened my eyes to communicating with what some call ‘the higher self’, by using muscle testing - kinesiology. How could my body ‘know’ answers to questions when ‘I’ didn’t know? This intrigued me - perhaps I really am more than my physical body - I needed to find out more. I began sitting in circles for development of mediumship, psychic awareness and studied various holistic therapies. It was time to put this to good use in everyday living.

Many moons later, having been in the antiques business for over twenty five years a major health crisis (as is often the case), created an ‘epiphany’ moment for me, compelling me to find my true purpose in life. You don’t give up something you love easily, so I really needed to believe in what I was studying and doing. I was taught and mentored by an incredible Quantum Kinesiologist, culminating as a Quantum Kinesiologist myself.


I chose QK because it worked for me, it helped me. There is nothing like your own evidence in this way to create a passion for something. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” and there it is!  I believe in what Jenny, I and the Team of 7 have created together and our Intention is for it to help and support you too. LIFE SHOULD BE AND IS GOOD, TREASURE IT, I DO, NAMASTE.

Our Team of 7

We have a Team of 7 Guides communicating with us. Each with a unique energy, merging through one voice (via the Trance Medium, Jenny) to assist and guide. Occasionally the Team will ‘speak’ during a balance/session, but only if the DSR is comfortable with this. Most feel blessed if this does happen as the guidance is always loving, uplifting and helpful/purposeful.         

For the enhancement of your Balance, the Team ingredients, are Intention with love and compassion, the spoken word, empowering affirmations, colours, Terra Tachyons, crystals, sacred geometry and other symbols; a constant Infinitus evolving process.

Our Story Together

We met after Sandra went for a reading with Jenny, her having been recommended by a friend who’d been recommended by a friend and so on. This is how synchronicity works. Even on that day a bond was formed. Sandra eventually joined Jenny’s psychic development group and a good friendship followed. Years later, Sandra wanted to take the QK forward with some exploratory work regarding stress affecting the body and Jenny volunteered. As Jenny lay on the couch, she went into trance very differently than ever before. Sandra had a recorder close to hand but was not expecting what followed to happen. A loving Guide spoke through Jenny saying we would be pioneering a new process together.......Week by week the story unfolded, how our paths had always crossed, lifetime after lifetime, over Millenniums.

It was powerful information. We knew intuitively it was so and building on that Infinitus QK Psychic Balance was born to benefit all.......


Jenny is Kinesiologist/Medium TeamTalker and Co-Creator of the

Infinitus QK Psychic Balance with JenSan7

Sandra is Kinesiologist/Facilitator and Co-Creator of the

Infinitus QK Psychic Balance with JenSan7

About Us

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The way these two beautiful ladies work together with such intuition, care and understanding is beyond anything I have ever experienced. This is not just something they have learnt, this is a therapy when in their hands, that is so deep, connecting and supportive you feel incredible.  It is on a soul level.

I have had my two sessions with them and my body has rebalanced, health issues disappeared, unhealthy snacking no longer a problem and I am living the life that is true to who I am, and who I want to be. This is down to Sandra and Jenny, their insightful ability and supportive way of working with all the cells in your body as it releases. 

It should not be a question of if you go to see them, it should be a question of how soon you go. You owe it to yourself to be healthy, live the life you wish for and be happy - what are you waiting for?! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Caroline, Church Stretton                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

My Quantum Kinesiology treatment with Jenny and Sandra was the most fascinating experience from which I am still realising the 

many benefits. The first improvement I noticed was the increase in my energy levels and feeling much lighter, then with progressing time,

I am realising more and more positive changes.

It truly is a very unique and special therapy.

- Gill, Devizes

I am delighted to say how much I appreciate these two ladies, Sandra and Jenny, for the dedication, care, integrity, knowledge and professionalism they have shown to me as a client/patient over the past two years, treating me with their Quantum Kinesiology.

They have such a deep passion, conviction and ability in connecting with their QK 'team' of spiritual workers and guides. The treatments are always changing and improving and I have been amazed by the sensations felt when they are working on me.'The Team' pass on this incredible knowledge which I find all encompassing.


I always come away feeling rejuvenated and calm. 

- Jenny L, Calne

My initial reason for coming was out of curiosity and a knowing that what you were doing would help me in some way, of course I didn't know then just how profoundly it would. The realisation of just how much I have been through in my life, and looking at why I was having such emotional blocks, chronic pain and limiting beliefs. It really gave me some perspective and to know that I didn't actually have to talk through them all, just write them and put them in the envelopes, was refreshing. Being in the care of JenSan7 was enormously healing and accepting, and I felt like I was becoming 'myself' again. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed the InfinitusQK balance sessions, and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially those searching for something profound and life changing. Thank you all so much. 

- Rose, Bath

Last year I went through a severe problem which, as a practitioner myself I was frustrated that I just couldn’t sort out. I went to see Sandra and Jenny without any real expectations so I was pleasantly surprised with my sessions.

I felt very supported by The Team and the channelling that came through Jenny. The improvement has been steady, which I feel is more sustainable than a miraculous ‘cure’. The whole process has helped to prepare me for ascension and avoid any medical intervention, which may have slowed this down. I truly appreciate what they have done for me.

Sandra and Jenny are totally dedicated to the QK process and really care about their DSR. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is interested in clearing cellular blocks to have a go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – more than you could ever imagine.

- Cyla, Marlborough

Yesterday I had my follow up session of Infinitus Quantum Kinesiology with my two therapist friends Jenny and Sandra. It is amazing to see how this unique way of working has evolved for them in the last 18 months. 

In 32 years of working in the healing/therapy field...it is unlike anything I have experienced before. It was gentle, calming and spiritual, combining a unique collection of healing tools, inspired by their Spirit team of helpers so that each session is unique to each client. 

They are based in Calne, Wiltshire and well worth a visit.

- Peter, Potterne, Devizes

Jenny and Sandra are true 'soul sisters' who have worked along with their Team of Guides, to evolve a truly amazing Spiritual Balancing therapy. It has a surprisingly profound effect on you. 

I came away more relaxed and able to see much more clearly the path I needed to follow. 

I would highly recommend this holistic energy therapy. 

- Hester, Limavady, Northern Ireland

Feeling blessed to have had a couple of sessions with Jenny and Sandra from Infinitus QK. I couldn't recommend them more highly. If you're feeling stuck or feeling like some of the ascension symptoms are so difficult to cope with at the moment, book in to go and have a session with them. The process is totally unique and unlike anything I have ever experienced. They are both highly intuitive and fantastic channels who work with a team of 7 guides and ascended masters leading them along this continuously evolving and changing journey that is their work. They have helped me peel a lot of layers that have been weighing me down for a while and I feel so much lighter as a result. Through it, I managed to reconnect with my true essence. I can't thank them enough for their work and their integrity. They are two truly beautiful souls.

- Clea, Trowbridge

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Your complete BALANCE is £154 for the two sessions

£80 payable per session

Each session is approximately 2-3 hours with Jenny and Sandra

Subsequent 'top up' balances £77

Concessions available on a discretionary basis

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Jenny - 07709 873 951

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Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm

Where are we?

Calne, in the beautiful energetic county of Wiltshire.


Maybe you could enhance your balance by visiting the local area, with Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow and the stunning Wiltshire downs only a short drive away.


You may even time your visit with a local crop circle!

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